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Benefits for joining the Sparrow Lake Association are to meet fellow cottagers, who all own cottagers, and have been on the lake for various lengths of time. Communication among cottagers is vital for many reasons. 



Please dowload the membership form from the JOIN TODAY!  link above and complete and scan and email to: 



         $30.00 for one year membership

         $75.00 for three year membership



The benefits of being a member of the Sparrow Lake Association are:

1)  Information Exchange

2)  Boating Safety – SLA works with O.P.P. on safety

     issues; places markers on rocks/hazards and

     promotes safe boating practices

3)  Water levels and water safety
4)  Environmental issues - Promote sustainable

     development; monitor water quality

5)  Annual General Meeting of Association

6)  Lake Development – Monitor zoning/bylaw issues

     in Severn/Muskoka townships

7)  Meeting Fellow cottagers


Sparrow Lake Association is now a virtual association.  We used to offer social get togethers, like:

Fishing Derby, Picnics, Annual Regatta - Swimming, fishing, boating events, golf tournaments and 

Annual General Meeting.  

However, in 2018 all social events were put on hold based on a membership survey.  Attendance was declining at social events and many cottagers stated that they come to the cottage to be with family and friends and couldn't make commitments to attend SLA social gatherings.  All events were put on a hold but we still offer:

Information by email on water levels, weather conditions winter and summer, fire regulations, environmental issues and much more.  We also have a Facebook page where members can exchange information.  


“I recently purchased a cottage on Sparrow Lake and wanted to learn more about the area and have some social functions to attend. Not only did I meet some wonderful people, I learned a tremendous about Cottaging and things of interest in the area.”

Sam Smith, Cottage in Deep Bay, Sparow Lake

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